NTRCA Result 2021: Combined Merit List Result 2021 Going to published soon

Combined Merit List Result 2021: Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority NTRCA Result 2021 going to published on the 1st week of May 2021. The 3rd Public Notice has been released a few days ago and its application will run from April 4 to April 30. Millions of registered people across the country will apply for the public notice.

In this case of registration of merit holders based on different subjects all over the country, recruitment will be given according to merit order. Recruitment of merit holders will be given automatically from merit orders. It also publishes the results of various registration tests of NTRCA. Where millions of students take part in the test, the eligible candidates are selected in three stages and certificates are awarded on the basis of the marks obtained.

NTRCA Result 2021

NTRCA Result 2021

10 to 15 lakh candidates from all over Bangladesh will be able to apply in the 3rd public notification. About 54,500 teachers will be recruited as per the Uniquenewslive.com research team. The process has already started. Candidates can apply till April 30, after which the results will be published. There is no set date for it. We can see from the previous public notices that the results are released within a month of the completion of the application process, so we can expect the results to be released by the end of May.

NTRCA Result 2021 Update News

NTRCA results will be published within 30 days after completing the application process. On Wednesday (21 April), the Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority Sources said that.

Combined Merit List 2021 for NTRCA

Registration Examination is conducted by NTRCA Candidates from all over the country appear for the examination simultaneously. In the first step MCQ then take written and finally oral test. At the end of the three-step test, all the marks are put together and sorted by merit.

In this case, the highest mark in the Combined Merit List is the list of candidates who have passed from the first registration to the 15th registration. Here all the candidates are sorted according to their marks higher the mark, the higher their serial.

NTRCA Merit List 2021 News

NTRC Merit List Originally provided through 1st to 15th Examiners. The 16th candidates do not have the opportunity to apply for the third public notice this time as their results have not been completed yet. The information of the 15th candidates was given in the merit list a few days ago.

Now any first to 15th pass candidates will be able to show their own merit position in the specific process by providing rolls. Merit: The higher you are, the more likely you are to be recruited, but in many cases, it is seen that if a candidate does not get his name on the merit list after passing all the exams, then he has to understand that his total number is low so he could not enter the merit list.

Methods for Checking NTRCA Result 2021

This is a very simple process through which you can get the results from NTRCA in certain steps. The first step is to enter ngi.teletalk.com.bd.Then you have to select the result option then you can get the desired result by submitting the specified roll number. Moreover, if we want to see the result of the 3rd public notice, then on our mobile.
NTRC will provide an SMS with the PIN mentioning the name of the school or college. Through that PIN we can see the NTRCA Result 2021 of the specific process online.

Check Online

All over the world now technology-dependent people now want to finish everything very easily and quickly in time so slowly all the places of our education are going online we can see all the information including our result merit list online from home just by having a good android set. If you have internet you need to know how to get information online if you want to get any result or NTRCA Result 2021.

Then first I will enter the site ntrca.gov.bd then I will determine the number of exams in the roll then the results will be available only after installing it so that any result of NTRCA can be found online very easily.

Check by Mobile SMS

NTRCA 3rd Public Notification is now being conducted on a large scale that all the candidates who have passed the NTRC exam and entered the merit list will be able to apply for more than one post. One of the issues here is that all the candidates who got the job in the second public announcement can re-apply, but in this case he has to be appointed from merit list.

Once the application process of NTRC is completed, the candidates will be selected from the merit list through software by NTRCA and the eligible candidates will be informed via SMS which institution can be hired.
In this case, the candidate has to complete the recruitment process by contacting the organization within the time mentioned after receiving the SMS.

Note that after receiving the SMS, all the information can be viewed online through the SMS. Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority will allow them as per the NTRCA Result 2021.

Check by Android Apps

The online process of NTRCA 3rd Public Notification is underway. Candidates are providing their choice from nti.gov.bd sites across the country. Candidates can now access any NTRC information including last years through various apps. Candidates will be able to view their results and merit list of notifications through Android apps. Various links of NTRCA are provided in the apps.

About 1.5 million candidates will apply this time. If they pay less in the process properly, the job seeker’s charge will be much higher. If all the candidates apply at the back of the merit list with proper planning, then the chances of getting recruitment will increase. We can learn about various aspects of NTRC from Android apps Will help get recruited


All NTRCA Registration Beards in Bangladesh are busy with the application process now. In fact, those of us who will apply for the first NTRC are often deprived of recruitment due to wrong advice and making mistakes.
We always provide updated information on our site. You can access our NTRCA update information at any time by visiting our site.

We provide the NTRCA Merit List NTRC Result SMS Process and all the information first. Also, any information including NTRCA Question Solve is provided. We hope you follow the right procedure and unveil a beautiful aspect of your life. We are by your side.

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