SSC Exam 2021 News: This year 22 lakh 26 thousand SSC-equivalent candidates

SSC Exam 2021 News: This year 22 lakh 26 thousand SSC-equivalent candidates. 22 lakh 26 thousand 113 students are sitting for SSC and equivalent examinations in 2021. Last year this number was 20 lakh, 46 thousand 69 people. As a result, the number of candidates has increased to 1 lakh, 89 thousand 334 people. The growth rate is 7.8 percent.

SSC Exam 2021 News

Education Minister Dipu Moni said this at noon on Wednesday (October 28) in the meeting room of the Ministry of Education.

The Education Minister said that the candidates have to enter the examination center 30 minutes before the start of the examination. In case of any delay due to logical reasons, the name of the examinee, roll number, time of admission, and the reason for the delay should be entered in the register.

He said that students with disabilities will be able to take the exam with the help of a dictator. An additional 20 minutes have been added for them. Everyone has to follow the hygiene rules to participate in the test. Social distance should be maintained between the examinees. All coaching centers in the country will be closed from November 8 to 25 to conduct SSC examinations in a smooth and copy-free environment.

The minister said there are 16 lakh 996 candidates in the SSC examination this year, 3 lakh 1 thousand 8 in admission, 1 lakh 24 thousand 228 in SSC (Vocational) examination.

There are 3,079 centers for SSC, 610 for admission, and 60 for vocational centers across the country. The SSC and equivalent examinations of 2021 are starting from November 14.

Compared to 2020, the number of candidates has increased by 1 lakh 69 thousand 334 this year, the percentage of which is 7.6 percent. The number of institutions has increased to 151 and the number of centers has increased to 16.

It has been seen that in 2021, under the nine general boards of the country, Dhaka board has 1 lakh 34 431 candidates in science department, 2 lakh 956 candidates in humanities and 1 lakh 40 thousand 612 candidates in business education for a total of 47 thousand 100 candidates.

Under Rajshahi Board of Education 2 lakh 8 thousand, 58 students, in Comilla Board 2 lakh 24 thousand 64 students, in Jessore 1 lakh 61 thousand 261 students, in Chittagong 1 lakh, 80 thousand 925 students, in Barisal 1 lakh 4 thousand, 1 lakh 61 thousand 261 people in Jessore, 1 lakh, 80 thousand 925 people in Chittagong, 1 lakh 4 thousand, 990 people in Barisal, 1 lakh 21 thousand, 111 people in Sylhet, 1 lakh 93 thousand 446 people in Dinajpur and 1 lakh 30 thousand 602 people in Mymensingh. There are examinees.

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