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Are you looking for Sylhet Ramadan Calendar 2021? So here you will get Ramadan Timings 2021 for Sylhet District. Anyone can easily able to download the calendar from here without any problem.

Sylhet Ramadan Calendar 2021:

The ninth of the Arabic months is the holy month of Ramadan. The word Roza is Persian. … Its Arabic term is fasting, plural called fasting. We are saying from the Arabic word that fasting means fasting. The word fasting comes from fasting which means abstaining. In the technical sense, abstain from all kinds of food and drink from dawn till sunset.

Sylhet Ramadan Calendar 2021

In the second month of Sha’ban, verses were revealed regarding the obligatory fasts in Medina. O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become righteous. Whoever of you receives that month, let him fast. Fasting is on every adult Muslim Obligation.

The first ten days of Ramadan are the beginning of fasting Mercy, the middle ten days of forgiveness and the end 10 days is salvation. Every other month The month of Ramadan is better than holy God has declared in the Qur’an. Muslims worship more during this month. Because The reward of worship in this month is many times more than other months Is increased.

On the night of this month called Lailatul Qadr The Qur’an was revealed that night The Qur’an says better than a thousand months. A.Worshiping at night is better than worshiping for a thousand months More rewards are available.

When does the month of Ramadan begin?

Among the five pillars of Islam, fasting in the month of Ramadan is the third pillar of Islam. Fasting is obligatory in the month of Shaban of the second Hijri. This is stated in verse 183 of Surah Baqara of the Holy Qur’an, O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become righteous. From this verse we understand that fasting has been prescribed for the attainment of taqwa, for the attainment of the pleasure of Allah by the renunciation of sins, and for the purification of oneself.

A special feature of Ramadan is that Allah has chosen this month to send down His Revelation and the Divine Book. Most of the books have been revealed this month. According to the hadith, the Sahifa of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was revealed on the 1st of Ramadan, the Torah on the 7th of Ramadan, the Psalms on the 12th of Ramadan, the Injil on the 17th of Ramadan and the Holy Qur’an on the night of Qadr.

Download Sylhet Ramadan Calendar 2021:

Fasting cannot be concluded by discussing something in a day or two. This is a broad issue. I hope to discuss here the multidimensionality of fasting in a small range every day of the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a very important month for Muslims. This month of Ramadan we fast for 30 long days. It is necessary to know the schedule during Ramadan. There is a need to do a lot more in the month of Ramadan. This is our discussion about Ramadan Calendar 2021 PDF Sehri and Iftar Schedule 2021. Here you will find the calendar of Sylhet’s holy Ramadan 2021 Sehri and Iftar schedule 2021.

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Sehri Time for Sylhet:

The word sehri in Arabic means ‘food before dawn’. That is, what to eat before sunrise. The food that Muslims eat before sunrise in Ramadan is called sehri. The fasting Muslim community ate food again in the evening without eating anything else during the day. That meal after sunset is called iftar.There are blessings in eating sehri and it is an important thing in fasting. In the hadith, sahri is a blessed food. So never skip eating sahri. Even if you drink a sip of water, eat it.

Because Allah and His angels remember the one who eats the food of Sahri. Traditionally sehri a-desi pronunciation. Eating sehri for fasting is circumcision and a more virtuous deed. Even if there is no hunger, the food that is eaten on the last night of Ramadan is sehri. Drinking a little water is also considered sehri. The circumcision of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is followed in eating sehri. Eating sehri has infinite mercy, blessings, blessings and welfare. Sehri time Sehri time in Sylhet city is slightly different from other cities or a few minutes apart. So we should observe sehri time in Sylhet city.

Iftar Time Table for Sylhet:

We hear two things over and over again during the month of Ramadan. One is Sehri, the other is Iftar. Devout Muslims observe Sehri and Iftar with great importance in the month of Ramadan.

During the month of Ramadan, many people sit together and break their fast. It is customary to start iftar by eating dates. However, in many places, iftar begins with drinking water, while in some places it is customary to start iftar with wet rice.

Iftar is a time full of great virtues. There should be no delay. Because it has been narrated in the hadith that a person who observes fasting should break his fast with dates, if he does not get dates, he should break his fast with water because water is more pure. Making Iftar to others is a great reward. At least one person should try to break the fast every day. Because the person who breaks the fast will get the same amount of thawab and the thawab of both of them will not be deducted in the slightest.


This month is very important for the followers of Islam. Devout Muslims fast the entire month of Ramadan. During this time they take food only twice a day. The Qur’an also instructs us to live a holy life during the month of Ramadan. Lying or committing any sin is a must for Muslims at this time. In Ramadan, fasting people should observe more and more things and avoid some things. Because people sin.

Let us all try to maintain the sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan and fulfill the obligations, obligations, circumcisions, mustahabb, and please Allah Ta’ala and forgive our sins. Bring a change of character. Only then will we be successful. May Allah grant us the grace to fast by fulfilling the full right of fasting. Amen. Thank you very much for being with

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